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One focus. Diversified team members.
At R.L. Frazer & Associates, we are dedicated to one goal: making your life the one you dream about - whether that means more prosperity for your dental practice, greater impact for your organization or a healthier balance between your life and work.

From laying the runway's foundation to giving you wings to soar, we will help you make it happen. We're one team you can count on as you journey through the transformation to the next chapter of your and your organization's life.

Our driving force leads to your ultimate destination. Our mission is to unleash the potential of values-driven, principle-centered individuals and their organizations, bringing both creativity and discipline to the challenge of achieving a preferred future. We remove barriers to people's potential by providing proven, innovative ideas, models, and principles from which they can design their own future.

Vision becomes reality through clear thought and real action. Our vision is to be the most sought-after leadership and results-focused consultant, performance coach, and learning resource group for the dental community by transforming leaders into creators of their own destiny through a new model of fulfillment, success, significance, and profitability. We achieve our mission with the help of the best team of people working in consulting today.

Our Core Values
Our core is our strength.
Honoring God through our good works in thanksgiving.  
Providing excellence and integrity in our programs and products.
Treating clients as our friends.
An individualized approach for each unique client.
Having fun while achieving a fair return on our investment of time, talent, energy, and resources.
Giving without remembering and receiving without forgetting.
Our Team
Dr. Bob Frazer
Client List

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