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University of Texas' Yudof: Success flows from planning and leadership

An excellent article "UT's Yudof: Success flows from planning and leadership," that appeared in a recent Sunday edition of the Austin American Statesman. Mark Yudof became chancellor of the University of Texas System as of August 2002. The system has 85,000 employees at 15 institutions with an annual budget of $6.4 billion. I believe his remarks are as relevant to a small principle-centered organization (practice, association or small business)as they are to a large institution.

Chancellor Yudof believes successful organizations have traits that fall into three broad categories: values, service and action. (All of these are central elements to the Applied Strategic Planning processes we lead). He believes we must work to flatten the hierarchy. (Imagine the hiearchy in the UT System - our small practices, associations, and businesses pale by comparison. But too often we have seen heirarchy present even in these small organizations. There too it stiffles front line people from taking responsibility for the success of the enterprise.) Yudof says, "A highly authoritarian leader is a lot like a cemetery manager. You have lots of people under you, but no one is listening!"

He also references EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and author, Daniel Goleman, whose work will serve as a foundational centerpiece of a workshop Bill Woodburn, MEd.,LPC and I will conduct the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday every November, "Authentic Personal Power...the Extraordinary Power of Emotional Intelligence." Workshop. We are currently integrating EQ into all of our programs. This article is good grist for the mill of anyone exploring effective leadership. (Goleman's latest two books are Working with Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership.)

For more about the Strategic Planning process that we lead - one that embraces vision, values service and action - please click here.


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