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Mentor-Associateship Agreement
by RLF, Mentor-Associateship
R.L. FRazer & Associates


           by Bob Frazer, Jr., DDS

 By the time you read this, you have likely had the opportunity to learn something about the mission and philosophy of our practice.  If you are in any way uncomfortable with either of these, it is critically important that we discuss your discomfort or uncertainty before we proceed further.  On the other hand, if you are comfortable and perhaps even excited by what you’ve learned we are about, then it is appropriate to thoroughly explore your possible role in our practice.

 We are pioneers in true fee for service health centered practice, what some dental futurists call Tier III practice.  As such, we offer a unique opportunity for a young dentist who wishes to provide the finest, most comprehensive, health-centered dental care. To not only learn how to provide such care, but also how to help your patients clarify their value for and want such care. (People gladly pay for what they value, while they more reluctantly pay or expect others to pay, for what they need, but do not value.)  Our practice does not accept payment directly from insurance companies with 95% of our patients that have insurance.  It simply is not necessary.

 This is for one year opportunity with an option to extend if both of us agree.  The year is divided into three, four month trimesters.  It is assumed that these four month periods will be approximate and that some associates may progress faster or slightly slower than anticipated.  We have created this position to provide ‘a learning while earning’ opportunity for a young excellence oriented dentist, but also because our practice is too big for Dr. Bob Frazer to handle alone and still provide our patient/clients with the scope and availability of care they deserve.  Also, Dr. Frazer spends approximately six weeks each year out of the office either presenting or attending continuing education courses.  During those times, you will practice as though you were in your own practice doing all that you are comfortable in doing.

 The trimesters are described as follows:

 First Trimester: 3 days/week in Mentor-Associateship 75% of time with the following learning objectives:

   1.   Emergency differential diagnosis and behaviorally appropriate discussion and care.

   2.   Welcoming the new patient/person to the health centered practice.  Mastering the intake interview for a comprehensive diagnosis and long term treatment plan from both a technical and emotional intelligence basis. This includes the assessment of the new person’s values relative to dental and related general health.  Learning how to firmly establish the first phase of a helping relationship.

   3.   Comprehensive diagnosis using a co-discovery approach and formulation of tentative long term treatment plan based on the person’s biological imperatives, their perceived probable versus preferred dental health future. This will include learning how to perform a complete examination of the stomatognathic system with special focus on long term periodontal health, functional occlusion, para-function, sleep disorders, TMJ/MPD, oral cancer, restorative needs, and esthetic values.  Caries prevention, growth and development, plus airway will be the primary focus on the pediatric patient within a very positive clinical experience.  All people will be evaluated for active disease processes and given the opportunity to elect self help counseling including the oral systemic health.

   4.   Consultation- Once Co-diagnosis and prioritized treatment plan is completed – how bet to help your patient proceed with your best care.

   5.   All phases of periodontal care from control of local, bacterial and systemic factors through a combination of oral physiotherapy and non-invasive definitive root planning and laser curettage to surgical procedures such as laser assisted frenectomies, apically repositioned flap, gingival grafting, implant planning and placement will also be taught as needed.

   6.   Minor and major fixed restorative care with special emphasis on conservative onlay technique using precious metal and both direct and indirect bonded restorations.  Also, much time will be devoted to provisionalization and idealizing function, esthetics and periodontal health prior to final crowns.

   7.   Oral surgery ~ primarily third molar extractions.

   8.   Endodontics ~ anteriors and bicuspids primarily. Molar endo is generally referred .

   9.   Operative using high density posterior composites and glass ionomer cements with and without silver particles.

 10.   Initial TMJ/MPD conservative management and splint therapy.

 It is anticipated that each week certain days or half days will be reserved on your schedule for you to work directly with Dr. Frazer as a second dentist with the patient.  You may be asked to anesthetize and otherwise prepare the patient verbally for the actual surgical procedure which Dr. Frazer will perform.  You will be expected to have reviewed the procedure sufficiently that you have a general familiarity with it and even act as the primary dentist as requested.  During this portion of your first trimester, you will do mostly reversible procedures on all multi-unit (more than two) crown and bridge and periodontal surgical cases.  You may also be asked to adjust and cement provisonals.  You will also work with our hygienist especially on non-invasive periodontal therapy cases. This includes root planning and laser.

 11.   The leadership/management for a highly committed and effective dental team.

 During this first trimester, you will spend about one day per week in your own associate practice.  You can perform all necessary services for which you are competent.  However, during this period, you should consult Dr. Frazer on all periodontal, TMD, multiple unit fixed restorative, and impaction cases before final treatment planning.  You will be encouraged to do these when the case fits your technical and personal comfort levels.  

 Second TrimesterMentor – Associateship - is about 50% of time and Full Associateship about 50% of time.  2 days/4 day week in each role.  Again these may work out to sequential days or 1/2 days.

 During the second four month period, the above eleven areas will be continued and expanded.  Plus, TMJ/MPD therapy will be expanded to include definitive treatment and you will be expected to take an ever increasing role in the more complex cases including Dr. Frazer assisting you as primary dentist.  The speed with which this occurs will be based on depth of experience during the first trimester.  Also, your understanding of the leadership and fiscal management of an effective health centered practice will be expanded.

 The remaining 50% of your time, you will essentially continue to grow your practice within our office.  You can do all treatment with which you feel adequate and comfortable.

 Third Trimester: About 1 day/week on average in any month in Mentor-Associateship  25% of time and 3 days/week in full Associateship or 75% of your time:

 In this trimester, you will have the greatest amount of personal autonomy.  Approximately 4 days per month, you will still be working directly with Dr. Frazer on the most complex cases.  At this stage, you will have developed your own case load and in a sense a practice within our practice.  Near the end of one year, we will gladly discuss continuing an associate/mentorship arrangement similar to the third trimester.  In fact, we will ask for some indication as to your intentions for year two by May 1st of the first year.  A final decision about a second year must be made by June 1st. 


During this first year, you will be compensated on two different rates ~ as a Mentor - Associate, on an hourly or daily rate and as an associate, on a mutually agreeable percentage of your collections and you will be responsible for lab fees over $________ per month. 

 It must be noted that should you separate from this practice after your one to two years, the patients you’ve seen will remain with this practice.

 You will also be asked to sign a non-competition agreement for a period of 3 years specifying that you will not practice within a 3 mile radius of our office at address of office

 We hope this gives you a better idea of what you will be doing.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Once we have agreed upon our relationship, should you prove to be the best choice for the position, we will draft a letter of agreement.


   The following questions were actually never used in any advertising way, but of course they could have been.  I actually contacted faculty members at each of the Texas schools plus I put the word out with my dental supply representative with whom I had a good long term relationship.  We use these questions primarily in dialogue with potential candidates.

  We are looking for an intelligent, emotionally intelligent, quality oriented young dentist who would answer “yes” to the following questions:

 1.   Are you kind, compassionate, people-oriented and motivated to succeed?


2.   Do you strive for excellence in every area of your life?


3.   Are you a good listener and communicator who helps move people to action?


4.   Are you personally stable and health centered in your life style?


5.   What kind of a student were you in dental school?  (Many will indicate they were a fair to good student in their didactic dental education, but much preferred the clinical and people side of their education.)


6.   What was your dental school experience like?  (Not uncommonly the response indicates it was much more high fear and low trust than they had expected prior to entrance.)


7.   Do you feel that even though you just graduated and are licensed that your practical education is in a sense just beginning?


8.   Are you aware that fine dentistry is discretionary and that in the absence of pain, bleeding, or swelling people really do not need dentists?


9.   Are you willing to be a member of a dental care team first and a leader second?






                                                   Letter of Agreement


Robert L. Frazer, Jr., DDS, Inc., and______________________, DDS


 Dear __________:


Attached is our initial Mentor-Associateship Agreement.  If this is in accord with your understanding, please sign at the bottom of the page of the agreement.

Your compensation will be $_______ per day for mentor days plus all state and federal taxes.  Associateship rate will be ___% of collections, and the corporation will pay the first $______ of lab costs.  Expenses beyond that will be split 50-50.  You will receive compensation for holiday periods based on the current percent of salary vs. associate role.  Participation in corporate pension and profit sharing will commence as outlined in the office policy.

 I look forward to a productive and growth-filled relationship.  Should you have any questions, I would welcome discussing them with you.



Robert L. Frazer, Jr., DDS


                              R. L. Frazer & Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 203038*

                    Austin, Texas 78720 512/346-0455 ~ www.frazeronline.com

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