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09/29/17 - 09/30/17
The Neuroscience of Behavior and Treatment Acceptance

Mastering the 5th Competency In Your New Patient Experience: The Neuroscience of Behavior & Treatment Acceptance" 

Two Days of Experiential Learning 

One cannot provide comprehensive care without mastering the Four Competencies of Dento-facial/Esthetic, Functional, Biomechanical & Biologic. However, without Mastering the Fifth Competency - you'll be continually frustrated by incomplete or total lack of treatment acceptance.

 During this brand new course you and your key team will quickly learn the behavioral expertise required to master the neuroscience of behavior for major case acceptance from three highly successful doctors and their key team members.

Learning Objectives 

What is neuroscience - how the influence of two brains interacting affects rapport, trust & treatment acceptance in milliseconds.

The neuroscience of deep, empathetic listening - understanding patient behavior, situations & values quickly.

How to anticipate patient behavior as precisely as possible

How to adjust your behavior & responses effectively from the first contact with your office throughout their New Patient Experience

To rapidly understand & manage your emotions & those of the patient

 How both Emotional & Social Intelligence matters to both treatment acceptance & the development of patient advocates for your practice

Participants learn a a proven system for transformational, comprehensive, collaborative clinical exam that combines effective behavioral/communication and emotional intelligence... and clinical excellence in a way that truly moves people to routinely choose complete quality care regardless of third party restraints.

You will learn first-hand powerful behavioral principles and processes for comprehensive vs. limited/per tooth or quadrant dentistry. We do not believe in high-pressure, manipulative sales techniques! Ours is a systematic, patient-centered, transformational process that gently interprets value resulting in a dramatic increase comprehensive case acceptance. The Practicum is as relevant for specialists as it is for restorative dentists.  
Learn more about the New Patient Experience Practicum here.

Limited Attendance
Who Should Attend: Doctors and their teams who intend to rapidly build trusting relationships with their patients and to thrive even in a difficult economy.
11/09/17 - 11/11/17
EIx4 = Inspiration, Wisdom, Empowerment, & Community

Build your and your team's Emotional Intelligence (EI). Research shows that 75% of high achievers' success is the result of EI while only 25% is the result of technical competency. Presented by Robert L. Frazer, Jr., DDS, and counselor/therapist Bill Woodburn, MEd., LPC.

Empower yourself and your team through our most advanced workshop ever. EI4 combines the talents of an experienced dentist coach and a professional counselor to give you in-depth, practice-tested learning. Through new, problem-focused learning methods and hands-on skills practice, EI4 takes participants to the cutting edge of new research and best practices - all in a supportive and fun environment.

Learn more about Emotional Intelligence here. 

Very Limited Attendance - First Come, First Served
Who Should Attend:

Doctors, spouses/s.o, key team and allied professionals who intend to be at the top of their profession in leadership and achievement. For those who wish, this workshop can be the beginning of an EI learning continuum.

TEAM DISCOUNTS:  Six to 9 persons registering from the same office receive a 10% discount;  register 10 or more and receive a 15% discount!! 

06/15/18 - 06/17/18
Think Tank and Fly Fishing Adventure June 15-17, 2018


Looking for an adventure vacation? Join us  for a Wilderness Think Tank and Fly Fishing Adventure. You'll be able to catch one to 10-pound trout on dry flies in the majestic high country of New Mexico. Enjoy great food and lodging while benefiting from brainstorming and discourse on your challenges and learning the key success concepts of the transformational practice. Spaces fill quickly-reserve your space now! Please follow this link to view a photo gallery of this Leadership Thnk Tank Adventure.

Learn more about the Think Tank Adventure here.

Limited Attendance
Who Should Attend: Any doctor who enjoys fly fishing for aggressive large trout and wants the camaraderie of fellow doctors and a facilitator for this special outing.

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