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The New Patient Experience Practicum

06/18/21 - 06/19/21
Thousand Oaks, California
Limited Attendance

The New Patient Experience Practicum

Two Days of Experiential Learning 

Pre-Practicum Survey – Double blind (doctor separate from staff) confidential assessment of your current new patient effectiveness, case acceptance and management of pending treatment.

 Learn how to integrate 12 Secrets with the most comprehensive technical examination in a transformational way; understand the role of The Health Relationship Coordinator; understand the 7 Critical Components of the Effective Comprehensive Exam, including The Four Clinical Goals; learn Applied Behavioral Profiling & Emotional Intelligence as tools to moving your patient to health.

See the preclinical and co-diagnosis process start to finish  learn a system to immediately shift your patient from needs/cost to values/worth; five levels of entry to the practice; see our staff/team in a live Preclinical/Values centered intake interview.  Perform a Preclinical yourself with coaching; modify and refine your behavioral skills. Learn each staff/team member’s role from the people who actually do it in our office.

Experience our team in a collaborative Treatment Plan development; and practice aspects of this collaborative, value interpreting process. 

Hands on facilitators:  Dr. Bob Frazer & Dr. Ryan Coulon plus a Health Relationship Coordinator to guide you through the process. . See how we do an actual consultation; fee presentation and financial arrangements, plus learn how to neutralize the effects of insurance ;  learn to interpret value, more patients to want your best; finally create an action plan for your office.


Who Should Attend: Doctors and their teams who intend to rapidly build trusting relationships with their patients and to thrive even in a difficult economy.

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