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EI4 = Inspiration, Empowerment, & Community…

Applied Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Promoting uncommon leaders and visionary teams with exceptional emotional intelligence.

Seventy-five percent of high achievers' success comes from their Emotional Intelligence (E.I.), while 25 percent stems from necessary technical competency, according to a Harvard University study. Thus, as we raise technical competence, we must simultaneously raise our E.I. As a dentist or team member, you too can take advantage of E.I. daily to achieve higher levels of success. As the foremost dental authority on the powerful subject of E.I. and author of a 20-month series on Emotional Intelligence in Dental Economics, Dr. Frazer can show you how.

Empower yourself and your team through our most advanced workshop ever. EI4 combines the talents of an experienced dentist coach and a professional counselor to give you in-depth, practice-tested learning. Through new, problem-focused learning methods and hands-on skills practice, EI4 takes participants to the cutting edge of new research and best practices - all in a supportive and fun environment.

Bob Frazer, DDS, leads you through top 2% practice tested, results targeted EI skills to answer your challenges, insure excellent team performance and provide a truly “Wow” transformational patient  experience.

Discover how hidden group and interpersonal dynamics affect team performance, impact treatment acceptance, and practice climate with Bill Woodburn, Licensed Professional Counselor and expert in psycho-dramatic mapping.

Gain skills to become a highly effective, balanced and authentic leader
Elevated emotional intelligence increases patient treatment acceptance and builds a cohesive, more self managing, team-oriented practice
Learn less stressful, most effective and positive conflict resolution strategies

Dramatically improve your personal boundaries, empathy and listening skills

Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of dentists and teams from all over the US and Western Europe achieve the kind of rewarding patient relationships and supportive team environment that creates a successful and meaningful practice. We continue to refine our approach to helping doctors and teams master these vital skills.

Our new Applied EI format emphasizes problem-focused learning and skills mastery. We’re talking about your real life, everyday problems and challenges – not something theoretical. Remember in 30 years of group practice with a medium size team – Dr. Bob Frazer lived what we’re teaching.


Who Should Attend:
Doctors and their dental practice management team.

R.L. Frazer & Associates Faculty:
Dr. Bob Frazer and Bill Woodburn,

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" This workshop empowered and inspired me and my team like none we’ve taken in over 25 years! The EI skills we learned will allow us to grow our sense of community and serve our patients in a truly transformational way. We’ll be back again – you just can’t get enough EI! "

Dr. Mike Robichaux, DDS
Slidell, LA

" The great thing about this workshop is that what I learned about EI will not only make me a much more effective team member, it will make me a better wife, mother and whole person. "

Heather Shoemaker, Treatment Coordinator
Buda, TX

" Bob, all of your courses are phenomenal – the time, organization, delivery and most of all the genuinely caring effort you make to give each attendee the best possible learning opportunity is remarkable. That said – the Emotional Intelligence Workshop is the foundation for everything else you teach. It’s simply golden. "

Dr. Chuck Fischer, DDS
Denver, CO

" I wanted to thank you for such an enlightening weekend. I’ve been using the Awareness Wheel (positive conflict resolution tool) often and its working! My husband is learning to use it in his business w/employees with great success. The ‘dance’ you and bill do in the workshop is very comfortable and you compliment each other well. "

Cory Richie, RDH
Holt, MI

" Bob & Bill, I left Austin with an EI – hangover, in love with my team and confident that I can become the leader I imagine. These are rough times in Michigan and in dentistry. You two together (the combination of psychology and advanced restorative dentistry) are amazing. "

Dr. Susan Maples, DDS
Holt, MI
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