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Advanced Dental Study. Empowered Prosperity.

Welcome to R.L. Frazer & Associates, Inc. We offer innovative and transformational courses, coaching and products to dentists, leaders and dental organizations based on real-life experience gained over 30 years of practicing highest-quality comprehensive and restorative, health-centered dentistry.

Through a regularly updated battery of dental practice management and leadership-based educational programs, we share ideas, proven models and principles with an attitudinally elite group of dental professionals who intend to perform in the top 2-5% while providing remarkable, comprehensive care to their patients.

If you are ready to join this highly motivated group of evolving professionals who are creating balanced, prosperous, fulfilling lives of significance through their dental practices and beyond, enter to learn more about us.

Dr. Frazer Installed as 60th President of AES Leaders in Occlusion, TMD & Comprehensive Care

Accolades from the USA - International College of Dentists 2016 – Dr. Frazer’s Receives Standing Ovation for his address to the ICD’s Fellows Elect Class of 2015…
Dr. Bob Frazer addressed over 300 Fellows Elect to the International College of Dentists

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