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Choose a doctor who makes you feel strong and empowered, not passive and dumb. -Rachel Naomi Remen, MD


      Are You Highly Trained yet too often Encounter Difficulty with Total Treatment Acceptance? It's Time for You to Learn the Neuroscience Behind Case Acceptance!  

In this new course, doctors and key team members learn a process for a truly transformational, comprehensive, collaborative clinical exam that combines proven behavioral and communication processes (including Emotional & Social Intelligence) and clinical excellence in a way that  moves people to routinely choose your most complete quality care. 


One cannot provide comprehensive care without mastering the Four Competencies of Dento-facial/Esthetic, Functional, Biomechanical & Biologic. However, without Mastering the Fifth Competency - you'll be continually frustrated by incomplete or total lack of treatment acceptance.

During this brand new course, you and your key team will quickly learn the behavioral expertise required to master the neuroscience of behavior for major case acceptance from three highly successful doctors and their key team members. You'll learn how to easily neutralize the negative affect of dental insurance.

Learning Objectives 

What is neuroscience - how the influence of two brains interacting     affects rapport, trust & treatment acceptance in milliseconds.

 The neuroscience of deep, empathetic listening - understanding patient behavior, situations & values quickly.

 How to anticipate patient behavior as precisely as possible

 How to adjust your behavior & responses effectively from the first contact with your office throughout their New Patient Experience

 To rapidly understand & manage your emotions & those of the patient

 How both Emotional & Social Intelligence matters to both treatment acceptance & the development of patient advocates for your practice

If you are among 100's who've taken our New Patient Experience in the past - we'll warmly welcome you back and, we promise you'll be very glad you returned!


Two days of experiential training will enable you and your team to become highly effective and transformational in your new patient experience.
You will work directly with members of our team, seeing firsthand how the process unfolds.  Dr. Bob Frazer, Dr. Don Taylor (a Kois Mentor) and Dr. Ryan Coulon ((Pankey/Spear trained) and their Health Relationship Coordinator(s), hygienists, front office staff and hygienists serve as role models for the pre-clinical, co-diagnosis and consultation.
Learn from them as they help the patient identify their wants, clarify and interpret value for fine, complete care, assess the patient's probable future and then help them define a preferred dental health future through a comprehensive, prioritized treatment plan. Also, learn how Oral Systemic Health that's been a part of the Frazer Model since the early 1980's is growing in importance.     

nppWho Should Attend:

Doctors and their teams who wish to master the 5th Competency; those who are committed to building enduring relationships with their patients and each other. 

Your investment includes:
• A Confidential Pre-practicum survey of your practice
• Pre-practicum phone consult with Dr. Frazer
• Two-day hands-on practicum
• Valuable  Practicum Syllabus for each participant
• Originals of our actual letters, forms, and charts
• Group lunch both days of meeting
• AGD CE credit: Patient education/Motivation: 7 hours; Clinical Diagnosis: 3 hours; Treatment Planning Hours: 3 hours; Neuroscience Based Communication for Case Acceptance ("Case Presentation"): 3 hours

Visit our Calendar for upcoming course dates and registration information.

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See downloadable registration form for details. The course is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. 

" Bob Frazer speaks the truth. Under the mentorship of Bob, our practice has transformed from a good practice to an insurance independent, relationship based practice. We see fewer patients, present ideal treatment with high case acceptance. Most patients have managed care plans and visit us out of plan to seek higher quality and customer service. Fewer patients, full fee, less stress---you do the math! "

Mickey Bernstein, DDS, FAGD, FACD, FICD
Accredited Member and Past President AACD

" Since the New Patient Experience Practicum, I'm amazed at the difference in people's attitudes when I really listen to them. Treatment acceptance has risen dramatically. Although it takes a little more time at the outset, the extra time is worth the lower levels of stress when presenting treatment that I already know the patient wants. I actually look forward to going to work now! I have never in my dental career had anyone say, "I don't care how much this costs, I WANT THIS and I'll find the money for it." I had two patients say that to me in one week after implementing your process. What an amazing result, thank you! "

Dr. Bethany Piziks
Cadillac, MI

" “Bob is one of the finest human beings on this planet. Through his vast knowledge and compelling coaching style, Bob helped me build the practice of my dreams. His stategies for visualizing your success and setting a course for reaching your goals are sound and proven. Far more important, however, is who Bob is rather than what he knows. He leads by example, always taking the high road, yet never leaving one with a sense of arrogance or impatience. His courage is palpable and his cup is always completely full. Anyone who aspires to high achievement will do well to fly with this eagle.” "

Dr. Phil Potter
Irvine, CA

" Thank you seems to be such an inadequate statement for the time we spent with you (during the New Patient Experience Practicum). For me it personally answered a lot of questions, but created even more - as any good paradigm shift does. We can all look back at "watershed" experiences in our careers; this has been one for me. It's more than just the practical application of Bob Barkley, it's the philosophy alive! For that I am eternally grateful. "

Dr. Mark Adams
Flint, MI

" I was extremely pleased with the quality and appropriateness of your course. The New Patient Experience Practicum has had a dramatic impact on us already in terms of how we see each other and how we are beginning to see our responsibilities and obligations to our patients. Over the last few months of intensely studying Bob Barkley's and now your work, I have begun to feel that it is my moral obligation to do this type of examination process, because it is truly the only way that I can adequately begin to understand the complexities of my patients' needs, wants and desires. The course has been clarifying and affirming to us all and has become one more critical step towards creating a truly values-driven practice. The Saturday clinical in-office session was particularly helpful; it allowed us to see how all the pieces fit together. We look forward to working with you and your staff in the years ahead. "

Dr. Paul A. Henny
Author of "Tier IV Practices", Pankey Gram
Salem, VA
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