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Surlean Foods Inc. awards Dr. Bob Frazer & R.L. Frazer & Associates, Excellence Award in Professional Services Partnership for Leadership Development & Applied Strategic Planning

During a Vendor Appreciation night some twelve awards were given to vendors for exceptional service by the three subsidiaries of L&H Holding. It was a distinct honor to hear the words of gratitude from President Daryl Scott and National Sales Director, Mike Cannon. In presenting the award, both Daryl and Mike thanked Bob and his team, Angela Ward, Bill Woodburn and Carole Morton, for the exponential growth they have experienced over their two years of work with R.L.F & A - both as a company and as individual leaders.

“You touched all of us through this work and made each of us better at work and at home. Our extraordinary growth could not have been accomplished without the Applied Strategic Planning process and Leadership Development training provided by R. L. Frazer and Associates.”

Bob remarked that he felt like he was simply spreading seeds on the fertile ground of the fine people of Surlean Foods. He told, L&H Holding CEO, Neal Leonard, that it is an honor and privilege to work with Surlean Foods, and the other great companies of L&H Holding - New Earth Soils & Compost and L&H Packing. He closed be saying, “This is truly a special highlight for our firm and in my professional career... for which I'm deeply grateful.”

If you and your organization wish to learn more about how you can benefit from Leadership Development 360 Review, Leadership Development Training and Applied Strategic Planning – please contact us at 512-346-0455 or via email to www.bob@frazeronline.com

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