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National Study Club XIII Kicks off the year with a retreat in Stowe, VT

My inner circle of leaders group is open to all those who have participated in our programs and want to continue their growth as leaders and whole, authentic people. During this retreat we focused on moving from the Leader - Follower to Leader - Leader Model for our offices. The book Turn the Ship Around was our reading assignment for which I developed written exercises. In addition, two of our members presented what they do best. Dr. Clay Couvian - "The Systemic Nature of Caries" and Dr. Susan Maples - "The Personalized Exam - How We Might Incorporate Medical Screening and Testing Tools into Our Practices." Finally, we continued strategic modeling work on "Distinguishing Our Practices Through Oral Systemic Health." 

This year's Member of the Year Dinner honored Dr. Susan Maples. Last year's MOY, Dr. Jim Rutledge's presentation of the award with great humor and tribute was a highlight.  

One of the most joyful things we do each year.   We work hard and play hard....touring the great city of Stowe, Vermont, home to many things including delicious Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!

If you are an alumnus of our programs and have interest in leadership and personal growth, please contact us to learn more about one of the most stimulating and fun groups in any field.   

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