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Accolades from the USA - International College of Dentists 2016 – Dr. Frazer’s Receives Standing Ovation for his address to the ICD’s Fellows Elect Class of 2015…

Dr. Bob Frazer had the honor to address over 300 Fellows Elect to the International College of Dentists and their spouses just prior to the convocation at this year’s annual session. The ICD is the most prestigious college in the world for dentists who have distinguished themselves as leaders who have contributed to the betterment of the profession. Dr. Mike Kenny, President of the USA-ICD Foundation, who sponsored Dr. Frazer remark that “Bob’s presentation was as I expected having heard Bob many times, both passionate and inspiring. This was the perfect presentation for a group of such distinguished leaders of dentistry. In fact it was so good I think we need to have Bob give this same presentation to every group of incoming Fellows!” 

Bob presentation was entitled “Life, Leadership and Legacy.”  Here’s the summary of that presentation. As today's world continues to accelerate fueled in part by its helpful and intrusive technology, we move more and more from human beings to human doings. Those of us in leadership roles find it increasingly more difficult to maintain life balance. This content rich, entertaining presentation will help you explore three cornerstones of your life and life's work.

You will clarify what matters most in each of these dimensions of your life - both as a whole person and as a committed professional. A central theme will be the values-based, principle-centered life of success with significance. You will learn the six styles of star leaders and the five practices of exceptional leaders.

And, you will be challenged to create a strategic vision of the best you and your organization can become. Dr. Bob Frazer will have you laughing and perhaps even shedding a tear as he shares some of his life's trials and triumphs toward a life well lived.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Bob Frazer’s speaking and presentations, Leadership Development programs or Applied Strategic Planning – please contact us at 512-346-0455.  

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