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Dr. Frazer Installed as 60th President of AES Leaders in Occlusion, TMD & Comprehensive Care

During the 62nd Annual Scientific Session of the AES - Leaders in Occlusion, TMD & Comprehensive Oral Care, Dr. Bob Frazer, Jr., was installed as the 60th President of this prestigious dental society. AES has over 600 members from 34 nations of the world. It was formerly the American Equilibration Society which changed its name in 2016 to more accurately reflect the scope of its current Vision and Mission.

In his acceptance speech Dr. Frazer said - "In 1976 at the urging of Dr’s Peter Dawson and Nyles Guichet - I began attending the AES – some 41 years ago – as a green young dentist just six years out of dental school - yearning to learn more about the subject of occlusion, TMD and truly comprehensive care. I was transformed by the presentations of men like Sig Ramjord, Peter Dawson, Bill Farrar, Henry Tanner, John Anderson, Mario Racibado, Carl Reider, Ralph Yoedalis, Michael Wise, John Nasedkin and Parker Mayhan.  Each of these great and early teachers were followed by the likes of Irwin Becker, Frank Spear, John Kois, Vince Kokich, Mark Piper, Larry Wofford, Henry Gremillion, Jim McKee and many more...

As he spoke about AES' future role in both dentistry and health care he stated - "As a futurist - the bigger issue for me - and I think for you –is the transformation of dentistry to a more commodity based service, that is  increasingly insurance dominated, in which most dentists provide  incomplete examination and diagnosis, with heightened competition driven by profit - and not always doing what is best for our patients.

Yet, in all of this there is a wave emerging where dentists have the opportunity to take a critical seat at the table of health care - as the current remedial model threatens to bankrupt all our countries - both in terms of money and each nation’s health. Never has there been a greater need for post graduate multidisciplinary education and treatment.  And, never has there been a greater need for AES and its Mission –

To be the leading organization of dental professionals advancing the science and clinical application of knowledge in Occlusion, TMD and Comprehensive Oral Care - for the well-being of those we serve. A society guided by our core values of - Integrity, Clinical Excellence, Courage and Scientific  Education."

Bob invites all dentists striving to be exceptional to join him and some of the finest dentists in the world, February 21-23, 2018 in Chicago for the 63rd Annual Session of AES - whose theme is "The Integration of Total Health in the Comprehensive practice of Dental Medicine." Bob promises to welcome you personally to what will be a watershed scientific meeting that can change your life and practice toward the best it can be. Please visit www.tmj-org.com      


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