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Strategic planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision. - John Naisbitt

Organizational Applied Strategic Planning and Consulting (OASP)
Organizational Applied Strategic Planning is the process by which the leadership of an organization envisions its best possible future and then creates the necessary goals, objectives and systems to achieve that future. The end result is an action-oriented plan which guides effective, profitable systems and daily actions toward specific goals and objectives supportive of your organization's philosophy and vision. Our Organizational Applied Strategic Planning program is intended for dental associations, societies, academies, companies and group practices with four or more doctors. For dental practice with fewer than four doctors, we offer our popular Personal Applied Strategic Planning program.

Some of the principle outcomes of ASP can be as follows:
To create an energizing vision and plan responsive to your organizations needs and core values and that promotes continuity of purpose toward your goals even if leadership changes.
To raise the perceived value for active involvement in your organization among all stakeholders. Special attention will be given to those segments whose participation would enhance your organization's impact and contribute to the attainment of your vision.
To create a proactive Fiscal Plan that opens additional avenues of income allowing your organization to strengthen its operational reserves. Well-executed ASP can add at least 25% to the bottom-line.
To refine the recruitment, development and integration of leaders in the context of the Strategic Plan. (Non-profit, volunteer organizations inadvertently become staff driven in lieu of member driven when the time, energy and vision of the members are not enlisted in the creation and execution of a comprehensive ASP.)
To proactively increase the organization's appeal to an increasingly diverse community.
To invigorate and define the purposes of existing and future committees or departments in support of the overall Strategic Plan resulting in continuity of action over time regardless of changing leadership.
To promote effective communication across all levels of the organization.
To develop a plan for the continuing integration of high technology to support all of the above.

An emerged vision and plan responsive to your organization's needs and core values.
A renewed sense of purpose resulting in active stakeholders eager to contribute to your vision and mission and with a greater desire to assume leadership roles.
Focused opportunity to envision the significant changes and most effective responses to the various challenges and opportunities for your stakeholders in the next several years. Some of those can include: legislation, health, access to care, education, charitable works, public image, or differing forms of ownership.
Increased financial stability and wealth.
Appropriately growing your organization, plus its influence, in all matters relating to your market.

Who Should Participate:
If your organization is struggling to fulfill its highest aspirations, or if you are seeking new ways to break through to the highest level of success for your organization, this program is for you.

R.L. Frazer & Associates Faculty:
Our OASP can involve multiple members of our faculty depending on the size and complexity of the organization.

" Great news!!! The Applied Strategic Plan passed unanimously and without debate!!! Your address and support played a major part of our success. The delegates were truly impressed and excited after your speech. As I ventured through the Caucuses, I could feel the energy and excitement. The Delegates got it. Change can and will take place. The most rewarding part for me was the acknowledgment by the Delegates that a certain amount of trust was needed on their part in order to take the next steps. "

Dr. Jack Broussard, Past President
California Dental Association
Sacramento, CA

" We have come a long way since March! One of the greatest opportunities of this (Organizational Applied Strategic Planning) process was the chance to get to really know you and appreciate you in many different ways. We did a lot of work and there's more to do, but we should all be proud of what we have accomplished. Your participation was powerful and important. For that I acknowledge you on behalf of the Missouri Dental Association. Know that through your vision and thoughtfulness, you and other members of the committee have set a path for the MDA to follow for the next five years. "

Dr. Robert Nelson, Past President
Missouri Dental Association
Jefferson City, MO

" I want to sincerely thank you for the extremely positive impact you have had on our dental society. The Dallas County Dental Society has many great leaders and ambitions; however, they cannot be brought to fruition without a plan. Your ability to facilitate our setting and accomplishing of these objectives has been masterful. Any organization without a viable, ongoing strategic plan is like a ship without a rudder. Thank you for enriching our lives both individually and as an organization. "

Dr. Tom McDougal, Past President
Dallas County Dental Society
Dallas, TX

" Bob, you are a rare individual with a wide array of talents that will prove invaluable to any organization that is fortunate enough to choose to work with you. Although, you knew very little about the laser industry, you quickly came up to speed through your exceptional listening and synthesizing capabilities.

Your passion for the critical importance of vision and strategic planning just radiates from you and is highly contagious. You can certainly prove that by seeing the folks here at Incisive. We always feel better about who we are and what it is we're doing, especially after spending time with you. Simply put, you resonate beautifully.

I wish you continued success as you grow your true calling of Applied Strategic Planning and as you transform organizations and their people into the best they can become. To say you're a dentist who is trained in strategic planning may be the understatement of the decade! You may be a dentist who has and is helping others have an exemplary practice, but you are a born visionary! I firmly believe that any entrepreneurial organization that wants to thrive in today's turbulent times would benefit from Applied Strategic Planning under your capable leadership. Thank you, Bob! "

Mario Barton, VP
Incisive Technologies, Inc.
San Carlos, CA

" “Bob Frazer has been a friend, mentor and teacher to me and many throughout dentistry and corporate America for the past 30 years I've known him. He is an accomplished speaker, an articulate communicator, an intensely detailed Strategic Planning leader, and a compassionate and affective personal and professional coach. His insights are unique, his application of principles of learning are critically important, and most important of all, he helps people reach their life's goals by helping them clearly establish their personal and professional vision of their most preferred future, and then guides them towards that end. He has impacted my business tremendously and I've watched as he has added directly to the bottom line of his clients with increased revenues, lower costs, higher profitability and greater peace and fulfillment. There are few in the workplace I could recommend as strongly as Bob Frazer and his team at R.L. Frazer and Associates.” "

Doug Reese, MBA
Wealth Associates, Inc
Denver, CO
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