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When the rate of change outside the organization exceeds the rate of change inside the organization, the end is in sight. - Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

There is a subtle yet distinct difference between training and education. Training is showing someone what to do without allowing for that individual's personal frame of reference. Education focuses on and influences one's beliefs, which in turn influence behavior, which impacts results - not just for today, but forever.

Dr. Bob Frazer is recognized as the foremost authority in strategic planning and strategic management in dentistry today. At R.L. Frazer & Associates, we strive to first understand and then positively influence your beliefs about how you can control your own destiny, through our coaching, consulting and educational courses. Unprecedented breakthrough results for you and your organization flow from a transformational mindset.

" Thank you so much for the fabulous Applied Strategic Planning sessions for the International College of Dentists. I have attached the final report with the Integrated Action Plans (IAP's) that were approved by the Board of Regents last fall in San Francisco. We have updated the IAP's for our Executive review held in January; I could send you those if you wish. Please let me know too if you would also like a scanned electronic copy of the report.

It is an exciting thing to see the wheels moving forward...with a firm direction no less.

Thank  you for all the work you have done to assist us in seeing the path to becoming a better organization. It is very much appreciated. "

Carol I. Turner
Internationl College of Dentists
Rockville, MD


On behalf of myself and the Surlean Foods family of team members, I wanted to thank you for your assistance with the development of our 5 year Applied Strategic Plan. Without your leadership and coaching I do not believe we would have produced such an impactful result.  The inclusive team building approach and collaborative way the material was presented not only allowed us to adequately assess our current state, but put us in a position to envision our desired future.

The Shadow Teams were so insightful and did provide those precious "nuggests" you said they would and continue to provide the checks and balances that we needed to ensure our progress is sound.

You are surrounded by an outstanding team of professionals and we are very appreciative of Bill, Carole and Angela's passion and talents.  Our team is better because we were able to work with your team.

Our team has a common goal and a unified strategy to reach that goal. I am confident that Surlean is on pace to become "the preferred customized food manufacturer passionately serving the food service industry" as our new Mission Statement reads.

We grew as a company, a team, and individuals through the ASP process and I know I speak for the Surlean Family when I say thank you for being an instrumental part of our future of choice.

Very Truly,

Darly Scott
Surlean Foods

Daryl Scott
Surlean Foods
San Antonio, TX

" For me, the overall A.S.P. Series was a process that was long overdue for the USA Section. As I stated at Retreat II, this planning technique was entirely different from the others I was involved with. With our continued diligence, I have great faith that this will be of enormous benefit to the Section. In addition, it was a great learning experience for me personally. I believe this will make a difference to me in my practice and in the way I conduct my life.

My involvement in the Environmental Scan was most meaningful part from the retreats. Such work! However, what I learned about everything that will have an effect on the College, the profession of dentistry, and me personally was incredible. That and working with such an energetic, professional committee was a great reward.

For the College, this process set an agenda with a mission and goals for us to proceed in a productive and efficient manner. As we proceed, the Section should gradually strengthen and rise in prestige and influence. For me personally, it helped me to align and realign my life’s priorities. Professionally, it became a method of reexamining the way I conduct my practice and my professional goals.

The first retreat was a great intro to the ASP process and how it differed from other SP processes. It tied together the books we had read by Covey and Sinek, as well as the Organizational Health Survey and other resources you provided us to make sense of what we were going to do and to inspire us to exert the energy to get it done. The Values audit helped us define our core values and how to create a new Mission for the Section.

As we proceeded from the first retreat forward, it was exciting to take all our work and formulate a strategic business model, and then the integrated action plans to give us an actual roadmap and timetable for achieving our goals.

Thanks, Bob, for a wonderful life experience. I believe it will be valuable for the Section and for me personally. "

Curtis Johnson, DDS
International College of Dentists

" I have learned much through my journeys over the years, but the last couple of years I am extremely proud of the team that I am humbled to lead. That team would not have been developed without the sheparding of R. L. Frazer & Associates. So, my thanks to Bill, Carole, and Angela for their respective roles in this journey "

Clayton Leonard
President New Earth
San Antonio, TX

" Applied Strategic Planning has been the most beneficial investment of time, energy and money we have ever made! Without it, I can't imagine what the future might look like. This powerful process and your leadership brought clarity to who we are, what we want to be and how to go about getting there. It made us create our future on purpose rather than just letting it happen. It focused us on a target and plan. At the same time it brought energy, enthusiasm, commitment and ownership to all participants. The words "Thank You" are not strong enough for all you have done for us! "

Joan Forrest, Executive Director
Dawson Center for the Advancement of Dentistry
St Petersburg, FL

" Dear Bob,

What a wonderful, rewarding, productive time. Thank you so much for all you did (and continue to do) to help bring the Dawson Center to its greater potential. In retrospect, I think every minute of the session was critically important to the process. Thank you (and Bill) for your magnificent leadership. And by the way, it was a really fun time. Looking forward to further progress.

Warmest regards,
Pete Dawson
August 6, 2006 "

Pete Dawson

" I have to add my name to the list of those who sing your praise! The two-year experience of working with you on Applied Strategic Planning has been one of the truly great experiences of my time in dentistry. I believe that one of the highest titles that can be given to an individual is "teacher". You certainly have the right to that title, and we deeply appreciate what you have taught us! "

Dr. John S. Findley, President Elect of the American Dental Association
Past President of Dallas County Dental Society & Texas Dental Association
Dallas, TX

" I want to personally thank you for all the work you have put into making the ASP process a success for our 13 doctor group. We could not have gone through this without your guidance, hands-on care and enthusiasm. My only regret is that I will not be with you as frequently as during this past year. My hope is to get with you at other courses and activities you offer to continue to grow both my leadership and our friendship. I look forward to our future experiences together. "

Dr. Gene Bloom
Cody Dental Group
Denver, CO
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