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As a leader, I make myself a relentless architect of the potential of human beings. -Benjamin Zander

Bob Frazer and R.L. Frazer & Associates, Inc. is known in dentistry for its tailored performance coaching continuum which spans business and personal life. For those leaders willing to make an earnest commitment to growth, Dr. Frazer can help through a series of regularly scheduled phone consultations as well as educational programs and in-office visits. This proven process toward meaningful change involves a commitment of 18 months.

coachingWe don't use a standard, "one size fits all" approach. We believe that just as each dental patient's needs are unique, so are yours. In our coaching, we will help you remove barriers to reaching your potential, become a more effective leader of both your team and patients, and shape your destiny consistent with your best hopes and dreams. We will happily provide names of previous coaching clients as references.

Here's what to expect in your custom-tailored coaching:

Pre-coaching Assessment Phase: Evaluation and Developmental/Treatment Plan:
A one-on-one phone discussion exploring the appropriateness and fit of a coaching relationship. There is no fee for this telephone consultation. (Prospects are encouraged to forward a written email or fax summarizing their reasons for exploring a coaching relationship prior to the teleconference.)
Problems, challenges and opportunities, as well as your expectations and desired outcomes from coaching, will be discussed.
If it looks like a good fit for you, we invite you to Austin for a day and a half of one-on-one in-depth discussion with Dr. Frazer as part of a results-focused Pre-Coaching Assessment. We want to fully understand your history - past successes and shortfalls - and determine the critical success factors most important to you and your team's future success.
You and your core (steward) team will be asked to complete a 28-question assessment of the practice in seven areas critical to success in today's dentistry prior to our time together in Austin.
From this meeting a tailored "Developmental Plan" is created summarizing the topics we will work on together. Topics can run the gamut and may include: practice management and clinical issues, effective leadership and strategic planning, increased case size, case acceptance and increased profitability, marketing and positioning, elevating Emotional Intelligence, raising your team's commitment, transition planning, and balancing work and home life.
The result: a 16 to 20-page written Pre-coaching Assessment and Proposed Developmental Plan to guide us.

Performance Coaching/Mentoring Stage:
Communication by phone at least twice per month and by email and fax as needed to discuss the topics we have chosen to pursue, plus your critical everyday issues.
During the coaching period, you and your office can participate in both the New Patient Experience Practicum and Building Emotional Intelligence Workshops (each three days) at no added fee.
You will have free access to all of our valuable educational resources, including audio programs, the New Patient Video Series, training workbooks, informative articles, new products as they become available, plus opportunities to attend exclusive small group events.
A two-day in-office visit by Dr. Bob Frazer generally occurs during the first three months for direct observation - especially of your new patient process. Key Frazer Steward Team Members are often a part of performance coaching to work directly with your team, quickly elevating their effectiveness.
Optional: Personalized Applied Strategic Planning Series attendance for you, your spouse, and team at a 50% discount.

Some of the benefits:
Our coaching clients have reported that their learning easily accelerated by as much as 10-fold during coaching.
A typical comment after Dr. Frazer's in-office days of observation and focused coaching around your new patient experience is: "These two days were worth the entire fee for coaching!"
Learn how to quickly recognize and self-correct when you are heading down the wrong path.
Understand how to identify and remove barriers to your and your team's peak performance.
Learn how to begin with the end in mind - the process of generativity (vision).
All clients report major breakthroughs, providing success with significance, during and for years following coaching.

To Get Started
Contact us at bob@frazeronline.com or visit our Request Information page.

" “Bob is one of the finest human beings on this planet. Through his vast knowledge and compelling coaching style, Bob helped me build the practice of my dreams. His stategies for visualizing your success and setting a course for reaching your goals are sound and proven. Far more important, however, is who Bob is rather than what he knows. He leads by example, always taking the high road, yet never leaving one with a sense of arrogance or impatience. His courage is palpable and his cup is always completely full. Anyone who aspires to high achievement will do well to fly with this eagle.” "

Dr. Phil Potter
Irvine, CA

" “Bob Frazer has been a friend, mentor and teacher to me and many throughout dentistry and corporate America for the past 30 years I've known him. He is an accomplished speaker, an articulate communicator, an intensely detailed Strategic Planning leader, and a compassionate and affective personal and professional coach. His insights are unique, his application of principles of learning are critically important, and most important of all, he helps people reach their life's goals by helping them clearly establish their personal and professional vision of their most preferred future, and then guides them towards that end. He has impacted my business tremendously and I've watched as he has added directly to the bottom line of his clients with increased revenues, lower costs, higher profitability and greater peace and fulfillment. There are few in the workplace I could recommend as strongly as Bob Frazer and his team at R.L. Frazer and Associates.” "

Doug Reese, MBA
Wealth Associates, Inc
Denver, CO
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