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Step away from daily pressures and toward your future of choice.

Contemplating desired outcomes is often challenging in the midst of day-to-day busyness. Through a collaboratively determined series of retreats designed expressly to help you focus on your future, you will gain a clear understanding of your organization's issues, opportunities and potential, then see how to energize your organization to reach results you desire.

Strategic Planning
Phase II: The Applied Strategic Planning Series
During Phase II of the ASP Series, decision makers and stakeholders go through a tailored series of intensive retreats designed to clarify individual, group, and organizational vision, core values, mission, goals, objectives and action plans. Through a deeper understanding of Applied Strategic Planning and its implementation, the committee will be able to envision where the organization could be in three to five years if it were the best it can be, develop an operational vision, plus a plan to actualize the vision.

A clear understanding of your organization's issues, opportunities and potential.
A clear, comprehensive and inspiring vision.
Broad stakeholder input and buy-in through our unique Shadow Team process.
A concrete action-based plan offering direction to a successful future.
Development of a Balanced Scorecard to monitor and correct course.

Who Should Participate:
All designated members of the ASP committee attend the retreats. Your membership/staff/stakeholder size will help determine the size of the ASP committee. Generally we suggest 11 to 21 members. A lesser number may be adequate for Retreat IV. Our general recommendation is that those who can make it happen and all those who could keep it from happening participate.

" The Applied Strategic Planning process has given us and the rest of the MDA staff the opportunity to see where we need to go in the future. I speak for the entire staff when I state that we are excited about what is in store for the future of the MDA. Thanks for your superior work to provide this plan to lead the Association forward. "

Dr. Jake Lippert, Executive Director
Missouri Dental Association
Jefferson City, MO
Organizational Applied Strategic Planning
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III

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