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Welcoming the New Patient to the Values Driven Practice

Learn how to make your appointments with new patients congruent with a values-driven, health-centered approach. Watch our highly effective new patient exam, pre-clinical and co-diagnosis appointments as well as follow-up consultation. Find out how to present fees, neutralize insurance, and increase case acceptance - all while using collaborative, low pressure techniques that make your patients feel welcome!

This 5 DVD set is the next best thing to taking our New Patient Experience Practicum!

In this program, we demonstrate a highly potent dental examination process that is congruent with health-centered, values-based, comprehensive dentistry and is essential for an evolving Tier III practice. You will see the pre-clinical appointment, the co-diagnosis and the consultation, with the doctor, key team members, and client in unrehearsed dialogue.

“The Pre-Clinical Appointment”

• This portion of the program powerfully demonstrates how a values-based, health-centered practice is first viewed hesitantly and then sincerely embraced by today's health-conscious consumer.
• Gain an extraordinary look into characteristic thoughts and feelings of a new patient and how staff can approach these effectively.
• Use this DVD to train your staff to increase case acceptance in a low pressure collaborative way!
Watch as a behaviorally skilled auxiliary interviews a new client during her first visit, a values-driven, comprehensive examination. Interspersed are snippets from a follow-up interview with the patient that reveal a sense of her mental and emotional experience of the appointment. Additional reflection with counseling psychologist and former Dentist Cliff Katz, DDS, Ph.D., follows.

“The Co-Diagnosis Appointment”

Once again we have a remarkable, unrehearsed appointment wherein the dental patient experiences a process of self-discovery and makes choices which will allow her to achieve the level of dental health she wants and values. You will see first-hand:
• How a behaviorally skilled auxiliary leads the new person through the comprehensive exam in a co-discovery process with her intraoral photos, models and films before the doctor arrives.
• The hand-off of the patient to the doctor for actual co-diagnosis.
• How the patient is empowered as she identifies and owns her dental problems, then how such ownership truly makes dental insurance of secondary importance.
• Explanations of complex occlusion, restorative, and periodontal conditions and choices in vivid lay terms, meant to empower the patient.
• In-depth dialogue between the client, team and doctor as they diagnose, prioritize, and explain treatment options and ask for closure regarding the choices she desires.

Dr. Cliff Katz again debriefs the client about her experience as she views the co-diagnosis tape of herself. Segments of their conversation are spliced in to provide insight into her experience of the process as it is happening.

“The Consultation Appointment”

See first-hand the follow-up appointment to the co-diagnosis.

• Learn how to discuss the treatment plan from a patient-centered point of view.
• Learn how the Health Relationship Coordinator easily quotes fees on a major case at the right time.
•See how to effectively discuss payment options and how to maximize the patient's insurance without accepting assignment.
This portion of the program was filmed live and unrehearsed during the clinical day of our three-day New Patient Experience Practicum. You will see our Health Relationship Coordinator, Sandy Zellers, consult with the patient in need of major restorative care, including the probability of a surgical phase. See how Sandy's non-verbal communication powerfully communicates a genuine sense of caring while conveying confidence and support for the doctor's recommendations.

See Angela Ward, Financial/Scheduling Coordinator, take the handoff and connect with the patient at the personal level, before beginning the actual financial discussion.

• Find out how to offer only one payment option at a time resulting in an optimal result for both the patient and our office.
• Learn what to say before quoting the fee to assure that the appropriate fee is presented, only after the patient's perception of value has been raised to the highest level.
• Discern how to deal with the patient's budgetary concerns and her desire to maximize her insurance benefit, without our accepting assignment.

For those of you striving to be a premier values-driven, health-centered practice, we believe this DVD set and related workbook are an invaluable addition to your continuing education repertoire. The workbook includes a completed consultation write up, a completed treatment plan and a completed chart as well as other support literature to show specifically how the treatment plan operates.

What you get: 5 DVD set (5 hours) and workbook. Two of the 5 DVDs are the unedited versions of the first two visits with all the raw footage for those who wish to view completely a critical segment of the tape without interruption.

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