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Dentist & Teams That Get Results - Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

This audio program with printed supplements can help you raise your effectiveness as a leader, fully connect with people, and achieve breakthrough gains in your and your team's performance. Meanwhile, you will learn how to extinguish recurring team problems and increase case acceptance.

Studies at Harvard and Rutgers have shown that 75% of star performers' success stems from Emotional Intelligence (E.I.), while 25% is due to necessary technical competence.

If you want to reduce work-related stress, increase your profits and build better relationships, this program on Emotional Intelligence is for you! Brimming with humor and wisdom, listen as Dr. Bob Frazer and Bill Woodburn apply insights of human psychology to building a successful dental practice.

This six-hour live recording from our nationally acclaimed three-day E.I. workshop, with doctors and their teams, will help you:

• Discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and its applications to dentistry.

• Raise your effectiveness as a leader.

• More fully connect with people.

• Achieve breakthrough gains in your and your team's performance and results.

• Explore the four forms of listening and how to hear the emotions underlying the issues.

• Understand and extinguish recurring staff problems.

• Increase case acceptance by learning how major purchases are laden with emotion.

• Handle the emotions that commonly accompany money and insurance issues.

• Find out how to ensure meaningful change.

• Create an action plan for elevating your own E.Q. (emotional quotient).

What you get: 6 CD set (7+ hours), plus valuable handouts.

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Bill Woodburn is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Marriage & Family Therapist with 20 years’ experience helping people find healing inside family and work groups. He co-leads our Emotional Intelligence workshops with Bob.

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$385.00 USD

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