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Hiring Packet

As Ross Perot said, "Eagles don't flock, you must find them one at a time!" This indispensable hiring packet will assist you in building the quintessential team for your office. Using this exceptional collection of hiring materials promotes the involvement of the best of your current team, thus ensuring success in the hiring process.

The packet includes samples of proven "executive" search ads for virtually every position in your office, helping you attract top 2% achievers. You'll also find specific questions for telephone screening and the interview process. Plus, you’ll receive six copies of the DiSC profile to assess candidates and current team members on four behavioral patterns. The DiSC will help you better understand each member and promote optimal placement, communication and team building.

Also included in the Hiring Program is the Performance Factor Analysis (PFA), an online developmental profile for your two final candidates (more copies are available if you have additional candidates.) Over the last 25 years, the PFA has proven very reliable in identifying high achievers and exceptional team players. It can also be used for team building and compatibility assessment. As part of the program, Dr. Bob Frazer will provide you a one-hour phone consultation to help you interpret the results of the PFA and discuss other issues that have come up about your two final candidates.

If you would like further assistance instituting the Hiring Program, please contact us to learn more about additional telephone and onsite support we offer.

*Please note: the price given does not include a shipping fee of $35.00 (additional fee if shipped overnight).

We are pleased to offer this related service.

Our Price:
$1,395.00 USD

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