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Dr. Bob Frazer's Bi-Monthly Audio Success Series: Proven Stategies for an Exceptionally Successful Practice in Challenging Times

Today's economic news is scary and many are saying it's going to get worse before it gets better.  Any time one is challenged, it is good to have perspective.  Having established my practice some 36 years ago in 1972, just before the '74 recession and oil embargo, plus successfully growing our practice 8% during the deep recession of the mid 1980's, while the others declined an average of 20%, has given me that perspective.

This bi-monthly audio series will give hundreds of real life foundational principles and strategies essential for your success during the current economic downturn and beyond. 

The Six Part Success Series

1. "The Nine How To's for Recession Proofing Your Practice" 

In this over two hour lesson you'll learn what works for practice growth as Frazer and his team proved in the deep 1980's recession.  This part alone is worth the entire series fee!

2. "Creating the Transformational Practice for Uncommon Success Regardless of the Economy" 

Learn how to create a relationship based, values driven practice that is a true 'Wow' experience guaranteed to help people routinely choose more of your finest care even in today's economy!  And, send their friends!

3. "The Dentist on the Couch: A Dialogue with Master Counselor & Emotional Intelligence Expert Bill Woodburn" 

Discover the self defeating ways of underachieving dentists and more importantly, ways to reframe, heal and achieve your highest potential.  Learn to win at the 'Inner Game!'

4. "Proven Secrets for Helping People Routinely Choose Your Finest Most Complete Care" 

For 36 years through four recessions these results driven principles and systems presented here have succeeded.  Everything you need to succeed in your new patient experience - especially in today's economy. 

5. "Building the Highly Committed Dental Steward Team" 

Bob shares his mindset and renowned strategies for finding, growing and keeping the high achieving Steward Team.  You and your team will also be inspired and energized by a dialogue between Dr. Frazer and two of his key Stewards.  This will also benefit your team!

6. "Resourcing Your Higher Consciousness for Peace, Prosperity & an Empowering Vision"

For more than 35 years Bob has used progressive relaxation and guided imagery for breakthrough success in his own life and those of his clients.  He will lead you through this powerful process several times in different ways that are guaranteed to relax, refresh and renew you in a profound way.  These sessions are set to beautiful music and you and your team can use them over and over again. 

Praise for this Series

"These are difficult times that create difficult challenges.  The information contained in Dr. Bob Frazer's series 'Recession Proofing Your Practice' can be your guide to success.  These proven strategies allow a full range of action.  They are completely and eloquently described by Dr. Frazer in a way that any team can implement.  With these cd's and those to follow, one can be a predictable master of his fate, rather than be swept away by the uncertain fluctuations with our economy. 

"I have taken several workshops with Bob (including Applied Strategic Planning and The New Patient Experience,) and I'm now am in a coaching relationship. The information on these two cd's puts everything together in way that is clear, concise and complete."

-Dr. Rob Wortzel, Mountainside, NJ

Take advantage of this Six Part Success Series to counter negativity and inspire you and your team.  You can be assured the media will continue to bombard us with negative messages.   Those messages must be proactively countered with inspiring, energizing and proven wisdom that help you succeed even in these difficult times.  Every other month for an entire year, receive an invaluable Learning Resource Module with two CD's, each at least one hour in length, filled with hundreds of results focused ideas designed to motivate and inspire. 

The Investment - This six series will retail individually on our website for $1,122.00 plus $38 shipping ($1160).  Order from this pre-release opportunity and receive all six for $635 including shipping.  Save $525.00!!

 In addition, by ordering now, receive free of charge Bob's essay, "If your Practice Was an Amusement Park, Why Should I Buy A Ticket?"

100% Satisfaction Guarenteed! - Return the series for a full refund of the purchase investment if you are less than completely satisfied.

Our Price:
$635.00 USD

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