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Mission Possible: A personal vision, clear core values and a mission are required for success.
During this three-day retreat, you will disconnect from your everyday busyness and connect with others attending the retreat. We'll further assess where you are today, identify if this is really where you're meant to be, and clarify what your best destiny really is if it were the best possible.

We'll start with a careful overview of principle-centered, values-based Applied Strategic Planning (ASP). By learning the powerful ASP process, you will be empowered to create a clear and inspiring vision of your best possible future, personally and professionally. We will assist each of you in crafting a functional, guiding personal vision, mission, and set of core values. Plus, you'll begin to set meaningful, attainable goals and objectives.

As a huge added benefit, you will increase your understanding of your partner by discovering more about their hopes and dreams for their own and your shared future. Plus, you'll learn compelling principles of stewardship for you and your team to forge a more rewarding practice. The insightful information gained in this retreat and your new direction prepare you for Retreat II.

An inspiring and motivating personal vision.
Clear core values to guide you.
A functional personal mission statement.
Concrete personal goals and objectives to achieve your vision.
A deeper understanding of your partner(s) and team and how they fit into your new vision.

Who Should Participate:
Doctors/Professionals and their spouse or significant other. Each series is limited to eight doctors/professionals and a total of 16 people.

R.L. Frazer & Associates Faculty:
Dr. Bob Frazer and Irene Oldfather, RDH, Frazer Steward Team Leader

Visit our Calendar for upcoming course dates and registration information.

" Linda and I are enjoying some of the fruits of Applied Strategic Planning. I would pass on to your new students that my office has been on fire since the retreats.It is occasionally three steps forward and one step backwards, but we are definitely heading in the right direction and my team is still practicing the lessons you taught us. Can't recommend any planning course I've heard of more than what you took us through. "

Dr. Rick Chapman
Plano, TX

" Powerful, challenging; and this has had great impact in making positive changes in my life. "

Becky Smith, PhD, spouse & former team member
Bozeman, MT

" The Strategic Planning process gave me the opportunity and encouragement to focus on my mission and values and how I will express that with my goals. I have discovered that the course is just the beginning of an exciting, ongoing process. "

Marilyn C. Thompson, spouse
wife of Bob Thompson, DDS
Minneapolis, MN

" Since Retreat I, we have had four staff meetings and the word dentistry has yet to be mentioned! Very powerful meetings! Tears, hugs, the whole nine yards. This Wednesday, I hope to progress to writing our personal mission statements. I can tell that when dentistry is approached by the team, it will have a different angle. They have already, almost unconsciously, begun to see answers to questions through the prism of their closely held values. This path is more difficult than I had imagined. And, I'm not referring to how we practice dentistry. I feel like an ancient sailor who has sailed from port not really understanding what will happen, but sure of our direction!

Written the first year after taking the Applied Strategic Planning Series: Bob, the changes here are truly phenomenal! We are now in our beautiful new office, production and collection has risen over 50% and I swear we are not working as hard. I just stopped to listen the other day, and it is simply wonderful to hear and feel this new energy. People should be standing in line for this experience. Thank you my friend! "

Dr. Don Taylor
Buda Dental Professionals
Buda, TX

" I've taken many of the most famous courses/series, but your Applied Strategic Planning Series is the first time in 17 years of practice that all my team is enthusiastically paddling in the same direction. Together with your New Patient Experience Practicum, our acceptance of complete quality treatment is up more than 50%. We've never been more fulfilled and profitable! "

Dr. Gabe Don Sing
General DDS
El Paso, TX
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