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Our clients routinely achieve top 2 to 5% status through the transformational courses, tailored coaching and educational products we provide. Dentist leaders, their teams and dental organizations find our real-life experience gained over 30 years - practicing highest quality, relationship based, comprehensive, restorative, health-centered dentistry provides proven tools from a wet gloved prospective.


Discern how to bring about uncommon success—your dreams not ours—to reality.

Emotional Intelligence

Creating leaders who get results by elevating self-confidence and influence through elevated emotional intelligence.

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Solutions for High Performing Dental Teams

Bob Frazer and R.L. Frazer & Associates, Inc. is known in dentistry for its tailored performance coaching continuum which helps you excel in business and personal life.Read More
These two days of hands-on experiential training will enable you and your team to become highly effective and transformational while increasing treatment acceptance during your new patient experience.Read More
In this acclaimed process you and your key team will create a vision of your practice five years from today if it were the best it could be, then merge it with an action plan to make it happen.Read More
Our acclaimed wilderness leadership adventures combine hearty fun in the wilds of nature with lively discussions and exercises geared toward making your vacation meaningful and renewing to your life and life’s work.Read More
NSC provides great fellowship, leadership growth and support from kindred spirit colleagues committed to becoming all that they can be.Read More