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New Patient Experience Practicum

Choose a doctor who makes you feel strong and empowered, not passive and dumb.
- Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Are You Highly Trained yet too often Encounter Difficulty with Total Treatment Acceptance? It's Time for You to Learn the Neuroscience of Trust Behind Case Acceptance!

In this new practicum, doctors and key team members learn a process for a truly transformational, comprehensive, collaborative clinical exam that combines proven behavioral, communication processes (including Emotional & Social Intelligence), and clinical excellence in a way that moves people to routinely choose your highest quality, most complete care.

One cannot provide comprehensive care without mastering the Four Competencies of Comprehensive diagnosis: Dento-facial/Esthetic, Functional, Biomechanical & Biologic. However, without Mastering the Fifth Competency—you will be continually frustrated by a lack of treatment acceptance.

During this new course, you and your key team will quickly learn the behavioral expertise required to master the neuroscience of behavior and conversation for major case acceptance from two highly successful doctors and their key team members. You will learn how to easily neutralize the negative effect of dental insurance.

Learning Objectives

  • How some of what you are now doing is actually counterproductive to total treatment acceptance.
  • How to adjust your behavior & responses from the patient's first contact with your office throughout their New Patient Experience for greater effectiveness.
  • How to employ the Results–Behavior–Beliefs Model for lasting change.
  • Understand Neuroscience: how the influence of two brains interacting affects rapport, trust, and treatment acceptance.
  • The neuroscience of deep, empathetic listening - understanding patient behavior, clarifying values, and how to neutralize the negative influence of dental insurance.
  • To rapidly understand & manage your own emotions … and those of your patient.
  • The specific steps to a totally “Wow,” remarkable “Purple Cow” New Patient Experience. How both Emotional & Social Intelligence matters to both treatment acceptance and the development of patient advocates for your practice.

If you are among 100's who have taken our New Patient Experience in the past, we'll warmly welcome you back, and we promise you'll be very glad you returned!


  • Two days of experiential training will enable you and your team to become highly effective and transformational in your new patient experience—a true Wow!
  • You will work directly with members of our team and see firsthand how the process unfolds. Inspero Team Members Dr. Don Taylor (a Kois Mentor) and Dr. Ryan Coulon (Pankey/Spear trained) and their Health Relationship Coordinator(s), key admin. team and RDH’s serve as role models for the pre-clinical, co-diagnosis and consultation.
  • See first-hand as they help a patient identify their wants, clarify and interpret value for fine, complete care, assess the patient's probable dental health future and then help your patient state a preferred dental health future leading to a comprehensive, prioritized treatment plan. Also, learn how Oral Systemic Health, a part of the Frazer Model since the early 1980s, is growing in importance.

Who Should Attend:

Doctors and their teams who wish to master the 5th Competency—those who are committed to building enduring relationships with their patients and each other in a fee-for-service practice.

Your investment includes:

  • A Confidential Pre-practicum survey of your practice’s current NPE
  • Pre-practicum phone consult with one of our faculty
  • Two-day hands-on practicum workshop
  • Valuable 100+ page Practicum Syllabus for each participant
  • Originals of our actual letters, forms, and charts
  • Group lunch and learn with our team experts both days of meeting
  • AGD CE credit: Patient education/Motivation: 7 hours; Clinical Diagnosis: 3 hours

Treatment Planning Hours: 3 hours; Neuroscience-Based Communication for Case Acceptance ("Case Presentation"): 3 hours.

Visit our Calendar for upcoming course dates (Spring 2022) and registration information.

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The course is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit Inspero for registration information.

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