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ASP Retreat I

Mission Possible: A clear personal and professional vision, defined core values, and a compelling mission are required for success.

During this three-day retreat, you will disconnect from everyday busyness and connect with other doctors and spouses/so's attending. We will further assess where you are today, identify if this is really where you are meant to be, explore your biography, and clarify what your best destiny really is...if it were the best it can be.

“We cannot control the future; however, ASP allows you to get into creative cooperation with your best possible future.”

We will start with an overview of principle-centered, values-based Applied Strategic Planning (ASP). By learning the powerful ASP process, you will create a clear and inspiring vision of your best possible future, personally and professionally. We will assist you in crafting a functional personal mission and set of guiding core values. Plus, you will immediately begin to draft meaningful, attainable goals and objectives.

As a huge added benefit, you will increase your understanding of your partner’s hopes and dreams for their own and your shared future. Plus, you will learn principles of Steward leadership for you and Stewardship for your team—forging greater ownership and a more rewarding practice for all. The insightful information gained in this retreat and your new direction prepare you for Retreat II.

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ASP Retreat I


  • An inspiring and motivating personal vision.
  • Clear core values to guide you.
  • A functional personal mission statement.
  • Concrete personal goals and objectives to achieve your vision.
  • A deeper understanding of your partner(s) and team and how they fit into your new vision.
  • Learning values based, action-oriented ASP.
  • How to create a highly committed Steward Team.
  • How to prepare your team for the next retreat.

Who Should Participate:

Doctors/Professionals and their spouse or significant other. Each series is limited to eight doctors/professionals and a total of 16 people.

R.L. Frazer & Associates Faculty:

Dr. Bob Frazer, Dr. Jason Luchtefeld, Irene Oldfather, RDH, and Lisa Alvarado Frazer Steward Team

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What Participants are Saying

"We have used R.L. Frazer & Associates for numerous strategic planning and emotional intelligence training projects with our operating companies through the years. At one point we had 3 different operating businesses and R.L. Frazer worked with all 3 companies. Each one of these businesses had their own unique size, scope, and market challenges. In each instance, the process we used could account for those differences and help us achieve a future of choice. We started using his firm in 2008 with one of our businesses, New Earth. New Earth became the largest organic composting business in the state of Texas using the framework of Applied Strategic Planning that Bob and firm teaches. I would highly recommend him and his team in this capacity."

Neal Evan Leonard, CEO, Leonard Holding Company
San Antonio, Texas

What Participants are Saying

The Applied Strategic Planning experience was way beyond my expectations! A new vision for our practice's future ...that I helped create has had an incredible impact on me (and our entire team) personally and professionally. You gave us so many tools to carry back to the office to rectify problems, attain goals and for follow through. A big positive impact was to connect with other offices throughout the country ...this program attracts the best! There was never a moment during the retreats that I lost interest. I didn't want the last retreat to end! I hung on every single word that was said by Bob and Irene. You are both truly a blessing in my life! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Jan Atchison, Expanded Duty Dental Assistant, Office of Dr. Mike Frith
St. Louis, MO

What Participants are Saying

Powerful, challenging; and this has had great impact in making positive changes in my life.

Becky Smith, PhD, spouse & former team member
Bozeman, MT

What Participants are Saying

I come alive with relationships - that is what this group is all about.

Paul Davis
Dallas, Texas

What Participants are Saying

“I have known Bob personally since the mid 1970's and have been a part of his Applied Strategic Planning series in the 90's and have continued to use Bob as a Mentor, being a part of his National Study Group for the past eight years. I can highly recommend him for his incredible expertise in helping you to Know and Truly Understand Yourself, Your Team and Your Personal Life. He has provided a web of intriguing ideas which have virtually transformed my life since I began working with him. And this is not to mention the people he has exposed me to, whom I would have never crossed paths with had I not known Bob. I place Bob at the same level as The Pankey Institute in changing the paradigms of my life and practice.” June 10, 2010

Dr. Matthew Steinberg, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist
Austin, TX

What Participants are Saying

The NSC is such a big part of my life and things will never be the same. The world is opening up in such a beautiful environment and I am so grateful.

Dr. Bethany Piziks
Cadillac, MI

What Participants are Saying

The Applied Strategic Planning process was extremely rewarding to me. The sessions helped me on the journey toward more effective leadership and caused me to realize that more growth is needed. You are to be commended for the excellent way that you worked with us, bringing out our best and correcting us when needed. You role modeled many valuable leadership skills. I learned how to better interact with others and express appreciation more often. I also gained considerable knowledge regarding the full scope of strategic planning, how to listen more effectively, and how to focus planning efforts into a coordinated plan. Your focus upon what is important in relation to God, family and relationships was most appropriate and contributes immeasurably to your success as a person and leader. Thank you again for your wonderful example of leadership. You have much to offer.

Dr. Charles Goodacre, Dean, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry
Loma Linda, CA

What Participants are Saying

Regarding "Attracting, Selecting, and Retaining High Achievers: A Hiring Program" November 25, 2012 Dear Bob and Angela, Sandy and I want to thank you for the enormous assistance you provided in helping us find an administrator for our Dermatology practice. Your formula to find an eagle to lead our office was a seasoned, systematic approach. It allowed us to identify and select a candidate that was a wonderful fit, taking into account technical abilities, aptitudes, experience and personality. During the process, we also learned a lot about ourselves, and as a result, how to better interface with this eagle. Working with you was also extremely enjoyable for us. Both of you were genuinely enthusiastic, friendly and fun to deal with during each step of the process. Our new administrator has now been with us for 3 months, which has given us time to assess her abilities and potential. We are very comfortable that you have helped us choose wisely, and that we selected an administrative leader who will help our practice grow and make our lives easier. We thank you very much for your committed, knowledgeable and kind help.

Richard D. Wortzel, MD, PhD; Sandra Horlick Wortzel, MD, Bucks Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery
Langhorne, PA