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OASP Phase I


Plan - Do - Succeed.

It all starts with a plan. To build a plan of action for improving your organization, the first phase is to assess your problems opportunities and key strategic issues. R.L. Frazer & Associates helps you to lay the foundation for our future work, tailored to meet your exact needs and desired outcomes.

Applied Strategic Planning

Phase l: Planning to Plan Pre-ASP Organizational Assessment
Before we begin the Applied Strategic Planning process, we conduct two assessments. First, an Organizational Assessment (OA). We gather information regarding the critical issues of the organization as described by key members of leadership and a cross section across various operational levels. The assessment determines which factors will support as well as which may interfere with the ASP process.

We gather information by conducting personal interviews and online questionnaires with key leaders and senior staff, assessing such areas as corporate structure, key strategic issues, communication, systems effectiveness, leadership development, and more. We also execute an online Organizational Health Assessment to survey your team and/or a cross section of members/employees/students. Sometimes a Member (Customer) Satisfaction Survey is recommended as a valuable guide to the ASP committee.

Phase I

Our assessments are compiled in an Executive Summary OA Report of findings for the President/CEO, Executive Director, and ASP Chairperson's review before sharing with the committee at the beginning of ASP. The OA and OHS Reports are presented at Retreat I and will be an important resource guiding us throughout ASP and its implementation.


  • Like a good diagnosis before treatment planning, this Pre-ASP phase pays large dividends and gives you a running start to your new well-defined plan.
  • The assessment will give everyone a common starting point for discussions and reveal how aligned you are at the beginning.
  • The end result is an outline for your strategic planning process, tailored to achieve your organization's desired outcomes and best hopes for your future.

Who Should Participate:

President/CEO/Dean, President Elect/Senior V.P., Associate Deans, Executive Director/COO/Department Chairs; ASP Chairperson and committee members. All those who can make it happen … or keep it from happening. Should include some young thought leaders who might not yet hold office.

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