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ASP leads to successful action and results.

This phase involves the refinement and presentation of the ASP. Once your strategic plan is approved, swift implementation is critical. During Phase III, we are available to support your course of action on a variety of leadership levels as you deem necessary.

Strategic Planning

Phase III: ASP Implementation

Upon completion of the Applied Strategic Plan, we can assist with the presentation of your plan to the rest of your organization as well as the ratification and actualization. In this phase, we are available to help you with monitoring, refinement of your Balanced Score Card, and drafting a new Strategic Architecture that may be needed to best actualize the plan.


  • Alignment of your people with each other and the Applied Strategic Plan.
  • Greater fulfillment of the people doing the work.
  • A clear, consensus vison of the best we can be and an action plan to get there.
  • Elevated perceived value for your services or products among your target market.
  • Clarity of what, who, resources needed, how, and when of specific actions.
  • Development of your WHY and a Tagline that is powerful, original, unique, accurately and clearly expresses the benefits of doing business with you that powerfully appeals to your target customers.
  • Organization-wide acceptance, ownership and support of your new plan.
  • Support in monitoring and actualizing the powerful plan you have ceated.

Who Should Participate:

All those who can make the plan happen or keep it from happening.

What Participants are Saying

The quiet, facilitative environment in a retreat setting coupled with the ability to mastermind with other couples and teams made Applied Strategic Planning a life-transforming experience. Bob is an exceptional mentor who has the expertise and personality to guide individuals through this challenging process. If you commit to the work required, your personal and professional lives will be those of your dreams.

Dr. Betty Barr, Pediatric Dentist
Denver, CO

What Participants are Saying

Since the New Patient Experience Practicum, I'm amazed at the difference in people's attitudes when I really listen to them. Treatment acceptance has risen dramatically. Although it takes a little more time at the outset, the extra time is worth the lower levels of stress when presenting treatment that I already know the patient wants. I actually look forward to going to work now! I have never in my dental career had anyone say, "I don't care how much this costs, I WANT THIS and I'll find the money for it." I had two patients say that to me in one week after implementing your process. What an amazing result, thank you!

Dr. Bethany Piziks, DDS
Cadillac, MI

What Participants are Saying

This workshop empowered and inspired me and my team like none we’ve taken in over 25 years! The EI skills we learned will allow us to grow our sense of community and serve our patients in a truly transformational way. We’ll be back again – you just can’t get enough EI!

Dr. Mike Robichaux, DDS
Slidell, LA

What Participants are Saying

The overall Applied Strategic Planning Series was very positive and stimulating. Previous goal-setting seminars did not provide the tools to fully develop and implement a strategic plan. This process provided a new sense of excitement and clarity about where we are. It gave the team a sense of purpose about what we're trying to achieve. As a result of this process, our 21-year-old practice grew 25% in both gross and net the year after completing ASP.

Dr. Bill Estes, Lake Creek Parkway Dental
Austin, TX

What Participants are Saying

As a leader, I had the privilege of being part of a life-changing experience. An extraordinary vehicle for open discussion with our team about what we want out of our work. The vulnerability, the honesty, the sharing helped us get a clear vision. Finally, watching a young DDS's efforts pay huge emotional and monetary dividends.

Dr. Mark Cook, DDS
Carbondale, CO

What Participants are Saying

You've got to be kidding if you say "I've never heard of Bob Frazer." He has helped hundreds of dentists fulfill their dreams including mine. The sooner you do Applied Strategic Planning the better. No one is too young or old to do this life-changing experience.

Dr. Charlie Vogel
Springfield, MO

What Participants are Saying

What a way to end a meeting!"..."Wow! Enjoyed immensely! Very helpful and practical information."..."Wonderful course! Makes you look into the areas where you emotionally lack good communication!!"..."He was very personable and love him as a person. Excellent speaker!"..."Nice speaking voice. Bob was very inspirational."..."Great speaker! Dr. Frazer kept me very interested."..."He's terrific at creating enthusiasm! Everyone, I mean everyone, needs to hear this!!

Annual Scientific Session - Audience Feedback, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Madison, WI

What Participants are Saying

I want to personally thank you for all the work you have put into making the ASP process a success for our 13 doctor group. We could not have gone through this without your guidance, hands-on care and enthusiasm. My only regret is that I will not be with you as frequently as during this past year. My hope is to get with you at other courses and activities you offer to continue to grow both my leadership and our friendship. I look forward to our future experiences together.

Dr. Gene Bloom, Cody Dental Group
Denver, CO